Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Emotionally Yours, by Bob Dylan (O’Jays Gospel Version)

The O’Jays have the best version of Bob Dylan’s Emotionally Yours¬†that I have ever heard.

That was from the 30th Anniversary Bob Dylan Tribute concert in Madison Square Garden in 1992, the first time I had ever heard the song. But what would you do to play this if you didn’t have a gospel choir and band with you? Well, try the way I’ve got it tabbed below in printable PDF files of letter and tabloid sizes.

This is an arrangement based on the O’Jays’ gospel cover for one voice and guitar. It’s not quite like the version you heard above as it has hardly any of the accompaniment with just one guitar. I’m also not a gospel singer so the performance isn’t at that level. I just sung it an octave apart so you can get an idea what singing it low and high would sound like. However, you can make it as gospel as you can if you’ve got the skills and soul to do it, by altering a few things here and there from what I had tabbed. The notes are written out in the tab PDF for you to decipher what I was thinking of being sung.

Emotionally Yours by Bob Dylan, Letter Sized Guitar Tabs PDF

Emotionally Yours by Bob Dylan, Tabloid Sized Guitar Tabs PDF

Emotionally Yours by Bob Dylan, Letter Sized Ukulele Tabs PDF

Emotionally Yours by Bob Dylan, Tabloid Sized Ukulele Tabs PDF

The letter sized PDFs can be enlarged easily to 11″ x 17″ tabloid sized on most photocopiers if you can’t print 11″ x 17″ sheets. There is plenty of margin to 3-hole punch the tabloid sized sheets to insert into a letter sized binder, folded almost in half. It’s one sheet and a lot easier to read than the letter-sized sheet. I don’t like having tabs on 2 sheets so I don’t make them that way.

I hope you’ll enjoy playing this version of Emotionally Yours.

As a final note, the O’Jays actually have the best two versions of Emotionally Yours that I have ever heard. The other¬†one is an R&B version below. It’s quite similar to the gospel version, but with more rhythm, synthesizers and melismas. I just think some of those melismas are excessive, but that’s just my preferences. I still think it’s a great version. Bob’s music is incredible that way, so versatile to interpretation without breaking down, among many other ways!

Please click here for more printable PDF guitar and ukulele tabs on this site.

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