Got Something to Say

This song started out in version 1 as a rowdy and ruckus song about my opinionated self, for all the opinionated people out there. However, something happened on the way to finishing it over about 4.5 years and 5 versions. I got reflective and basically doubled the length of the song while halving its tempo to end up with a hippie sing-along that might well be good for kindergarten to teach children some good behaviour in life. 🙂

The song started down Positively 4th Street and ended up Where Have All the Flowers Gone, to put it bluntly.

The song is about opinionated people who need to learn to cooperate. I am happy I took the time over the years to wait out all the ideas that came to me to show my other side to the opinionated one. That would be the one who also enjoyed listening to others’ opinions, whether for debate or just for curiosity. My quieter, more reflective side, also came out alongside my more commanding side that basically forms half of me as my Myers-Briggs personality test would confirm (get yours done for free). However, there’s definitely a part of me that wished I had kept this just a fun and shallow song with bravado to flaunt my opinionated self, at a much faster pace and such. I’d have recorded a demo to share but I don’t neither have the skills nor equipment to do it. Just imagine the song faster, with more swagger and lots of drums, a join in chorus, to the point before it turns and talks about asking me for my opinion of opinionated people who never ask for others’ opinions.

Some day… some day.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this demo. You can see the lyrics here (with progressions from version 1.0 to the current version 5.0).

Now, on to other songs I’m not sure as heck going to “think” so much about and just write it on instincts.

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For my use more than anything else, printable PDF tabs of Got Something to Say:

Got Something to Say by Minh Tan, Tabloid Sized Guitar Tabs PDF

Got Something to Say by Minh Tan, Letter Sized Guitar Tabs PDF


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