Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan (with extra lyrics)

Bob Dylan

There are two printable sets of guitar and ukulele tab PDFs for this song: one with Bob Dylan’s lyrics and one with his and¬†mine.

On Bob Dylan’s site, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door¬†only has two verses of lyrics. Those would be verses 1 and 3 in my arrangement.

When he performed it on MTV Unplugged in 1995, though, he put in an additional verse that is verse 2 in this arrangement… because it best fits between the original two verses, in my opinion.

I liked the song enough, though, that I added two extra verses to show my disappointment at how little the world had “progressed” since when Bob first wrote this song. Those would be verses 4 and 5 in this arrangement, in a reflective sense, with a demo I recorded for how to play the entire song as per the tab I have made available below. You could use the same chords to play Bob’s version above, more or less, but you’d also need a lot of other players and parts I don’t have documented in my simple one singer one guitar tabs.

To download a printable PDF version of the tabs for this song, please click one of the links below.

Original lyrics only version

Extra lyrics version

For printable PDF guitar and ukulele tabs of other songs on this site, please click here.


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