No crew love echolocation run – 187 093 544 0 0 0 0

W Dec 28, 2022

With no crew love run tonight, and prescribed route with it, I had to use my echolocation abilities to find my way around in the dark like bats and whales do. Surprisingly, my feelings showed through, not only running a broken heart route, but also with a lot of staggering from an intermittently malfunctioning echolocation system, leaving a heart as lopsided as my brain and many whales’ brains! That lopsidedness is normal, though, btw, if you were wondering. But as lopsided as that route might have been (partly due to some street closures), the route should be appreciated because the unbroken heart route using Cunard on the left side instead of Buddy Daye to where I strayed, is pretty much 6 km that is the usual crew love route length! I guess some things were in sync after all… including me doing a LOT of jay running through roundabouts, crisscrossing busy streets, and high stepping across one going up the hill in front of the police station without getting caught! Crazy, perhaps, but I prefer to think of it as just a batty guy having a whale of a time with his running! 😉

The unrecorded run walk

M Dec 26

For Boxing Day, I didn’t box, but rather did a run where I intentionally left my Garmin at home so it would not record the results and make it very crazy for me to hit my Strava monthly goals without it. It was my way to symbolically let go of these monthly Strava goals for next year, when I plan to be running less mileage, but faster mileage, swapping the time saved for new physical activities light stretching. Now, I engage in enough crazy activities in my life where, if I did change my mind tomorrow, I could still hit all these goals, but the idea is that I won’t. I’ve got enough crazy things I plan to do in 2023 and I don’t need to start now and end up suffering from crazy activity fatigue [a new psychological condition I will be proposing the American Psychological Association to put in their manual of psychological disorders in 2023 lol]. I will also plan to be walking less than the roughly 750 km I will have recorded walking this year, with somewhere between 50 and 100 but I forgot to record. This was the walk after the run and lunch, to let my decisions sink in and consult with the mermaids on the waterfront to see what they thought of my solution. They just thought I was crazy. However, he thought these ideas I that I share in my Strava posts, along with me claiming they exist and that I talk to them, would be fantastic for a creative nonfiction running book. Some people have written books from their running journals, but nobody has ever written a fantastical running journal that mine would be, with a running narrative and plot lines throughout no less! And I also have Kindle book design and publishing experience from something I picked up during Covid lockdown. Well, I thought they were crazy! Mutual Lol. It then dawned upon us why we liked each other so much. It wasn’t because I was gregarious and athletic, and they were curvy, wet and topless. It was because we were all crazy, in good ways, and were energized By being around other good-crazy people… and all that energy moving the ocean waters that we could absorb through our skin to recharge ourselves! Hmmm… I guess I had better rethink that opposites attract theory I am adamant about being more correct than the likes attracting theory most people seem to prefer. But since neither is overwhelmingly crazy, maybe I should just come up with a better one in 2023. We’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂

A Few Simple Nudges to Help Reduce Social Media Use

Social media use has been likened to addiction scientifically. My level of “addiction” isn’t very much, to be honest, but I’m still choosing to work on cutting down on the distractions that keep me from getting into “flow state” (see video at end) for some activities, rather than time poorly used. If you want to use narcotics terminology, I’m choosing prolonged highs over micro dosages of dopamine.

To help myself reduce social media use, I have compiled a short list of relatively easy and painless ways which I access it so I don’t get on social media much in the first place. They can be annoying when you’re not used to it, but hey, nobody ever said weaning oneself off anything was easy! See if some of these may work for you, and maybe pick some combination what can work for you. Any amount helps if you value your time enough!

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BIRD 1-piece Thong

bird-thong-patternWhere you see bird, I see thong.

From the one piece pattern at right that was fitted for my lingerie model, I was able to quickly make a thong in about 30 minutes. It’s shown below on a mannequin that is not as curvy as my lingerie model so it doesn’t fit as nicely, nor look as sexy covering more than on her, but you should be able to get a fair idea what it looks like.

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