BIRD 1-piece Thong

bird-thong-patternWhere you see bird, I see thong.

From the one piece pattern at right that was fitted for my lingerie model, I was able to quickly make a thong in about 30 minutes. It’s shown below on a mannequin that is not as curvy as my lingerie model so it doesn’t fit as nicely, nor look as sexy covering more than on her, but you should be able to get a fair idea what it looks like.

bird-thongWhat’s better is that she will be able to wear this as general underwear, not just special occasion lingerie! She can save her money for that, or get her boyfriend to get them for her. I’m just happy I’m able to provide her with some clothes for working with me since no money is involved in our collaboration, but I try to provide her with garments she can use as thanks for being willing to work with me as a sewing model.

GOLD Rating

These things are simple and beautiful, quick to make and doesn’t require a lot of materials. They look good and fit well. I don’t know what rating you’d give it besides gold!

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