Cows in the Pasture Pillowcases!

I’ve been in an extended sewing slump for many reasons. I was on multiple vacation trips. I had serger problems (and patience not to just run out buy another one). I had garments gone bad, some eaten by a serger I thought I had fixed and some from my own pattern altering fault. However, I’m back!

Cows in the fields pillowcase (click to enlarge)

Cows in the fields pillowcase (click to enlarge)

I recently found some fun discount fabric for which I was able to get for $1/m at a store. It was a knit print of cows in a pasture. I immediately thought of lying down in a pasture, and from that, came the idea to do pillowcases out of them. Fortunately for me, the knit felt nice, was of some thickness, and durable, so it was perfect for pillowcases!

I drafted my own rectangular turned octagonal pattern for the pillowcase, with the back being in two pieces split half way down the middle through which to stuff the pillow. Then I serged most of it together, basting stitch just inside of where the serger blade would cut so that after it cuts the fabric, things don’t become loose in the space between it and the blade. The serger stitch then binds over it as well so I really have 5 threads going there. The excess thread from serged seams, I go back with a sewing machine to sew them down on the serger stitch.

This wasn’t a hard project by any means, and I hate to say I didn’t do it terribly well, either. Serging with a new machine and knit after not having done either for a while meant I was sewing like a drunk driver at times. However, it sufficed and worked, and I did make 2 for a set. More importantly, though, it has set me going in my big sewing and fashion design comeback, being one who truly believes in that Chinese philosophy of the hardest part on any long journey is taking the first step.

Now that I’ve taken my first step in my return to sewing and design, I hope to come back with a vengeance as I have committed at least 1000 hours to it for 2013! There had better be LOTS of garments coming from that, and I will be blogging about them all! They will include a few more pillowcases now that I’ve gotten my pattern, in pursuit of one of the most interesting pillowcase “wardrobes” around! Pillowcases can handle a lot of fun fabrics clothing can’t! 🙂

In the meanwhile, I know I’m going to sleep well on this pillowcase with its idyllic feel. Good night!

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