Ideas to Challenge Your Hockey Loving Friends to Hurt the NHL More

So, NHL hockey is supposedly on its way back. But will the fans come back? Eventually, most will, especially in Canada. However, the fans need to make their voice heard beyond some social media campaigns like Just Drop It. It’s gotten over 21,000 Likes, which sounds great, but is really nothing. That barely fills an NHL arena, and some 11,000 came within the first week anyway. We’ll have to see how many of those fans will really live up to their pledge.

So what can the fans do to show their displeasure over this whole strike mess? Naturally, staying away and refraining from spending money on NHL related activities and merchandise is the main way. Now, no one solution is going to fit everyone, so we’re going to need a range of options. To add more incentive, I suggest turning it into a challenge among your NHL loving friends, which will benefit you all in the meanwhile! Look at some of the options below and try one of the following:

  • Agree to a date by which you and your friends would agree to do any number of options below. Some dates I suggest are until after the Super Bowl (Feb 4), March Madness (Apr 9), until NHL playoffs begin (TBD), or until next season if you think you can handle it. People who fail must buy a round of beer, dinner, or whatever, for any others remaining, so lots of opportunities to gain stuff if you hold out longer!
  • Give some scores to each option, with points going to whoever “wins” it in your group by being the last person to give in. Add it up after it’s all said and done.

This may rob you of some joy in your life, sure, but it’ll also be good for you because you’ll be saving money and developing some self-discipline. Neither is bad for you, as far as I know! So here are the options:

  1. Don’t go to any games.
  2. Don’t buy concession stand stuff at games (food, drink, souvenirs), cause they really rip you off there.
  3. Don’t pay for TV games, individual, packages or specialty channels.
  4. Don’t watch any games on TV.
  5. Don’t buy any new jerseys.
  6. Don’t buy any cards.
  7. Don’t buy equipment with player names to them, like certain sticks or skates.
  8. Unlike any number of Facebook pages (esp the NHL), unfollow Twitter accounts of teams and/or players, etc.
  9. Come up with your own!

Remember, these things can be good for you, too. Besides saving you money and getting you to show some self-discipline, you can also save time, and avoid things like junk food that’s really not good for you… and good for that New Year’s resolution related to fitness and/or health!

Finally, by doing this, it’s not like you’ll be robbing yourself of NHL hockey. Just enjoy all the free stuff like news update, hockey sport shows, sports talk, etc. Maybe you should also get out to play some hockey instead of just watching it on TV all the time! 🙂

As for me, I’ll be doing all of the above, for at least this season. We’ll see if I’ll care to go back for next season.

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