Experience Some Behavioural Science Books with Pique App

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/For today’s post, I want to introduce you to a very new app, Pique, that’s only available for iOS right now. I think some of you may find useful and also enjoy using to make positive changes in your life. To be clear, I have nothing to do with this app, but if you like what it can do for you to teach you new ways of thinking, making positive changes in life and ones that will stick, and to understand how people do or don’t do this well, this is your chance to get ahead of the world in these matters and be among the earliest to try!

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The Regulars’ Ghosts

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/If you’ve ever frequented any spots with people, as in if you’ve ever visited any spots with people on a regular basis, you’ll probably find others who frequent the same spot. Depending on your nature, you might care or be curious to know who they are, and what their stories are. Depending on your nature, or perhaps theirs, you might eventually get to know some of them. How much or how little you might get to know them, if you do, depends on a whole bunch of other factors. But have you ever known one or more frequenters who just stopped showing up one day, and wondered whatever happened to them? If so, how far have you taken that wondering?

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Think Of People In Life As You Would Think Of Them In Death

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/Have you ever noticed how good a person everyone is when they are remembered at their funerals? Even the ones most fundamentally flawed sound like they were outstanding citizens, despite all their acknowledged faults. While attending one such challenged individual’s funeral, I wondered why we had to wait until people were dead to see them so positively? Why could we not do that while they were alive? That’s not to suggest we should ignore their flaws, especially the serious ones. No. That could be harmful to us, and it would not be helpful to them. I’m suggesting we note their good aspects as starting points when we think of them, before tacking on their flaws, instead of the other way around. It would certainly slow and reduce our rash judgment of others, of which there is far too much happening today.

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Flaws Are What Makes People Most Interesting

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/We worship the ideal, but we idolize the flawed. If you were not convinced, how many examples must I give to convince you? How many flawed religious leaders have been followed by countless masses in the name of the ideal religion? Why are tabloid shows, sites, and newspapers magnifying, or sometimes inventing, flaws of people so popular? Why aren’t products which are true opposite to tabloids successful? Would ideal beings have any sort of compelling story on their own given they have no flaw to deal with or overcome, and were only interesting due to the flawed people around them? What would the religious saviours’ stories be without the flawed humans around them to improve? Are ideal beings even human enough in their nature to fairly expect humans to relate to them, given our humanity trademark is our imperfection?

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Definition: Awumbuk (Baining People of Papua New Guinea)


[ pronounced aWUMbuk ]

From the Baining People of Papua New Guinea, a feeling of lethargy that descends when a house guest finally leaves.

  • From the TEDTalk below (at about 10:45), by Tiffany Watt Smith, which includes a bunch of emotions where there are no words in English, but which you may well have experienced, but never had one single word to describe them! Or which you may go out and try to see if you can conjure up the feeling from hints in its definition for where and/or under what conditions one might experience it.


From the belief that guests shed a heaviness into the air of your home so they can travel more easily, leaving that heaviness with you! So those Baining people leave a bottle of water out to absorb this heaviness and ease the burden.

It might take the right house guest to make this happen for you, but you have probably felt this before, and can again if you pay attention to your feelings after having house guests in the future. Water bottle outside is optional. 🙂