The LOUD Racquet Cover (Prototype)

LOUD racquet cover

LOUD racquet cover

It’s been a while since I’d done a fashion garment or accessories post so I want to let you all know that I name all the things I sew as a way to quickly reference them. Here, I have a tennis racquet cover and so to play on, both, a verbal and written pun of racket and racquet, I am calling this accessory LOUD. I am also putting a double meaning in LOUD for the visually “loud” design these racquet covers will be since I can choose any fabric I want in making them.

Quite the clever and funny name, I thought! 🙂

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84 Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

From the collection of Hello Kitty / Sanrio wallpapers I had assembled on my site, I have created Facebook Timeline cover photos from them. These are 1700 x 630 pixels, or twice as long and wide to give more graphic resolution than Facebook requires so the graphic can turn out as nice as possible, even on widescreen monitors. Continue reading