Transformers Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos (High Quality)

I have a TON of Transformers graphics on this website! However, none of them are in the awkwardly sized Facebook Timeline Cover photo format, so I’m going to start converting them for people’s uses! They are in the gallery below, which will grow as I find time to convert more and more. I’ll take off the “growing collection” notice when I am done. There are going to about a couple of hundred of these Transformers Facebook timeline cover photos for your use by the end of February, I hope, so please come back for more once in a while. After all, you can only use one at a time. 🙂

These photos are JPGs at 1700 x 630 pixels in size. The proper size is 850 x 315 pixels with PNG lossless format being the popularly recommended “best option”. However, I used to be a graphic designer and I’ve tested various size and format options. The 1700 x 630 pixel JPG 9 format comes out best, with the difference showing up on widescreen monitors. JPG 10 and above have a huge increase in file size for gains barely noticeable like finding Waldo in a photo. These are high quality! Trust me on this one.

Please click on the Permalink icon in the slide show to get the photo at full size, then download (right click, Save As on PCs) or otherwise transfer to your Facebook as your browser will allow.

Please click here for more Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos of differing themes on this site.

One thought on “Transformers Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos (High Quality)

  1. Omg these are kick a$$, thanks so much, these are so awesome I could cry 😉 can’t wait to get to my laptop so I can add a one to my timeline!!

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