More Jeremy Lin Vocabulary

Jeremy Lin is the current sports sensation with his meteoric rise out of nowhere to be a star with the New York Knicks. In just a week, he has gone from Asian representation to Asian sensation in the NBA. His Taiwanese last name, Lin, has been great for creating a whole new vocabulary around him and what he has done. However, with my rhyming first name of Minh, I can offer a few more of my play on sound nicknames for his vocabulary… maybe in exchange for some of his. Here’s a bunch of Jeremy Lin inspired vocabulary.

To date, I’ve heard of these new words punning on Jeremy Lin’s last name

The hysteria surrounding the amazing rise to stardom of this skinny, unknown, Asian-born point guard who was cut by two teams and nearly released by the team he is now rescuing. By far the most popular word, being the hash tag of choice on Twitter. Linsane also falls here.

What the Knicks are doing with Lin in their lineup. Six games, six victories. The Knickerbockers are on a ‘Linning Streak.’ There are also other puns going on the “win” pun with “Lin”, including May the best man Lin.  And one in reverse altering Jeremy’s name, Jeremy Win.

Because ‘incredible’ just isn’t enough to describe what the former Harvard star has done the past two weeks.

Because when he hits game-winning three-pointers to keep the Knicks’ winning streak alive and further the legend of ‘Linsanity,’ that makes the NBA ‘Lintastic.’

This one came from The Huffington Post. Since Lin burst upon the scene the Knicks have won six traight games, even winning Tuesday night when it looked like they were beaten. Thus, they are ‘Lin-destructible.’

The story of how he was rejected by a couple of NBA teams and worked his way back, sleeping on his brother’s couch even recently until he could find out whether or not New York would offer him a contract rather than commit to an apartment he might not live in long.

Lin your face!
Jeremy Lin’s aggressive style of basketball.

A nice change of pun to  use it on the end of the word rather than modifying the beginning. It’s Jeremy’s style of playing, all right!

Just Lin time
How Jeremy wins games and how he arrived on the scene just in time to save the Knicks’ season.

Linstant replay
Repetition of what Jeremy Lin is doing in slow motion to admire all those winning shots.

Lin it and bear it
What New York is doing with Jeremy Lin’s surprise burst on to the scene, punning on grin it and bear it.

Lin and a Prayer
A slightly weak one, in my opinion, on wing and a prayer, but one nonetheless on New York’s new formula of winning.

The mighty Lin
I wonder if Bob Dylan gave this one to Jeremy, punning off his song lyrics of the mighty Quinn (the Eskimo).

Super Lintendo
I know what the reference is to, though I’m not sure how it plays into the vocabulary. Maybe what he’s doing you could only do in a video game?

Someone in Toronto held up a sign to ask Jeremy to be her Valintine. Cute.

A few other suggestions have recently come to light… 

Nothing like this has ever happened before in the NBA. So, that make it ‘Lin-comparable’ in league history.

No one would have believed you if you tried to tell them three weeks ago that Lin could do this.

Columnist Jason Whitlock and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. are ‘Lin-credulous’ over what the Knicks’ sensation has done. They can’t believe it, or accept it.

Something that is indomitable can’t be subdued. So, we have ‘Lin-domitable.’

The Linsanity has not been stopped. Until it is, that makes it ‘Lin-fallible.’

That is what Knicks’ fans and the media have with the young man.

Jeremy’s basketball smarts… as well as his life smarts cause he did graduate from Harvard. Also add Lintellectual and Lintelligence to that list. Might as well as counterLintelligence while you’re at it.

And here are my suggestions from my nickname vocabulary…

Why Jeremy Lin is able to do what he’s doing. There are a lot of great skilled players in the NBA, as Floyd Mayweather noted, but what it takes to be great are often the intangibles everybody else doesn’t have… including Mayweather himself. No wonder Floyd didn’t recognize it, so I forgive Freud Bayweather.

Where has this been on all the list considering how inspiring this guy and his story is???

The first time Jeremy Lin does anything.

Linfamous or Linfamy
Is what players burned by Jeremy Lin in memorable moments suffer, like Jose Calderon of the Toronto Raptors found out on Valintine’s Day! 🙂

It’s only three, but that’s partly because I had some of those nicknames bestowed upon him already, like Minsanity. Heck, I had Minsanity even before former NBA star Vince Young had his Vinsanity!  

But what will happen when Jeremy Lin returns to normality?

Will they deem in Lineffective?

Will they brush him off like Lint? Lint, right now, as far as I’m concerned, is what I call all the Jeremy Lin doubters’ talk. The version for my name, though, Mint, worked much better for me! 🙂

Will they turn some of those words above into their negative connotations? Will they call him Linfallible to mean to be fallible only as Jeremy Lin can be whenever he makes his first “mistake”?

And what about words like Lineffective? What will they mean? As effective as only Jeremy Lin could be? Or as ineffective as only Jeremy Lin can be? That will probably depend on what phase of Jeremy Lin’s career

Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see, though I hope I’d never have to and just enjoy this phenomenon forever!

Got any Jeremy Lin inspired vocabulary to share or suggest?

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