Interested in Designing Your Life (with Human Centered Design)?

The innovation discussed

Using Human centered design to plan your life.


What YOU can do with this innovation

Design your life, that’s all. 😉

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Will More Athletes Get Expelled from 2012 London Olympics for Drugs or Tweets?

Seriously. There will be athletes caught by doping tests, but they don’t test every athlete like the world is following every tweet from every athlete. These “athtweets” are getting all kinds of athletes in trouble, but graver for some than others. Michel Morganella was recently sent home by the Swiss. Voula Papachristou of Greece was kicked off before the games even began, but should count because she had her spot secured. They aren’t the highest profile of athletes at the games, but lots is being made of their expulsion compared to the few cheats caught so far.

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