Post a Love Song a Day on Facebook – A Meme for February


Why, for love, of course!

But if that’s not a good enough reason, here are a few more reasons with real emotional, intellectual, social and psychological benefits, to you and all who can look at your Facebook Wall, unlike most other memes.

How many love songs can you think of that really move you? Can you think of 28? Or however many days are left in February when you read and decide to do this.

If you can, do you think all your Facebook friends know all those songs? Do you think all your Facebook friends knew you loved all those songs that much?

If you can’t think of that many great love songs to do this, take it as a challenge. Listen to some more music. Ask some friends for suggestions, though you wouldn’t have to if they also did this. You’re bound to find some great love songs among those they share, and can add them to your shared list.

How many great love songs do you think you can guess of your Facebook friends? Chances are not that many for most of your Facebook friends. Here’s your chance to find out.


Now, even if you could name 100 great love songs that moved you a lot, how many great love songs do you think you have never heard?

That’s a much tougher question to answer, isn’t it? How do you know what you don’t know?

Well, you get others to help you know, and you can do the same for others in doing this meme. Aw, isn’t that nice? Doing things for each other?

You also expand your musical tastes with this meme, and that’s never bad.

Sharing is also good, especially sharing love songs. Both have been proven to put people in better moods. Even sad love songs tend to make you feel better afterward. You may just have to pay the price of a sad memory first. Love songs get the good emotions flowing. There’s a reason why they’re enduring, you know!

Doing this means you’ll probably have love songs on your mind a lot for February! When was the last time you did that?

Now, whether you do this choosing whatever great love songs you think of on the day, or during the month, or with intention of compiling your top love songs list, it doesn’t matter. Being introduced to more great love songs means you up the standards of any list you might have made on your own. You’d be doing the same for your friends, your lovers, or potential lovers.. and likely impressing them.

Even if you were doing this for yourself, having a list of great love songs handy will pay dividends someday. Trust me!

Need any more reasons?

What makes a great love song?

Anything you decide. This is your list so your opinion is all that matters. I do suggest a brief sentence or two why you like the song, to give your Facebook friends some insight into why you like it, but don’t feel obligated.

Where will you find songs to share on Facebook?

YouTube or any other video site is the easiest answer. If you can’t find it on YouTube, Google it and click on the “Video” search results.

There are a lot of other video sites out there not constrained to the copyrighting that YouTube has succumbed to, which may have the song you’re looking for.

Then paste the link on your Facebook wall, or hit whatever “Share” sort of button the site has and choose Facebook as your choice.

Maybe write something about your choice. Maybe even dedicate it to someone! 😉

You can also do this on Twitter or other social media platforms

So will you join me in this fun and beneficial little idea of mine?

I’m going to be feeling good throughout February. Will you?

Or how’s about just doing it for love?

Please click here to see the first seven great love songs I shared for this meme.

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