How to Leave your Facebook Status and Posts Higher on Friends’ Newsfeeds

Facebook’s Newsfeed of your Facebook friends’ posts scrolls with time as new ones are added, pushing old ones toward the bottom… sort of. It’s not quite that simple that new ones push old ones down. Facebook as a complex algorithm (math formula) that mixes things up a bit. So how do you beat this algorithm?

Add a comment to the post, especially one that can start discussions.

This is an analogy to make things easier to explain, but it’s pretty close to the real thing.

Facebook has two ways of listing posts and status updates by your Facebook friends in its Newsfeeds. If you look in the top right hand corner of your Newsfeed stream, you will see one is for Top News, and the other for Most Recent. When you post something, it gets points awarded by both categories. Each category just gives different number of points for different reasons. Most Recent awards big points for newness, and takes them away as time goes by and new posts arrive. Top News awards big points for “interactions” like comments by others, Likes and Shares, with the totals changing with more interactions. Facebook is called social networking for a reason, you know! Each category also awards small points for criteria of the other, like Most Recent awarding some points for amount of discussion, and Top News awarding some points newness of a post.

How many points your post has at a certain time will determine how high it will appear on each list. Why your comment attached to your posts keeps them higher on the Newsfeed than they might otherwise be is that it counts as “interaction”, giving it points in, both, Top News and Most Recent Newsfeed lists. Technically, your comment is not “interaction” cause that’s not someone interacting with you. However, Facebook gives you the chance in case you were looking for feedback, asking questions or providing updates, after which others may want to interact with you on the post. It might also be a chance for you to finish your mini-story rather than jamming it all into something like a status update.

That said, I would recommend only one comment with each post, and make it so it might generate further discussion. Otherwise, you seem, both, lonely and self-centered! The risk you take with a comment hoping to generate discussion, of course, is that no one might respond. However, I think people realize not everybody is keen to answer everything. Many comments that’s just about you all the time, that’s easy to recognize as vanity.

For posts other than a status update, like photos, albums and notes, how much viewing it gets also gives it points for ranking on the Newsfeed lists. However, more recognizable “interactions” as Comments, Likes and Shares still counts more.

And, of course, when you get these “interactions”, RESPOND!

Inconveniences with the Most Recent Newsfeed list and how to partially solve them

The Most Recent list tends to put the latest posts at the top and the older posts farther down. One problem with this list for a lot of people is that posts moves down the list too quickly if they have a lot of active Facebook friends. Another problem is that their Newsfeeds are dominated by a few active Facebookers so updates by other Facebook friends are hard to find. If the person reading doesn’t check into Facebook often, they have to scroll until they find posts they recognize from their last login, to make sure they caught all the important news in between, or news from specific Facebook friends they care more about than others. Otherwise, they might have to resort to one of these means of “filtering” their Newsfeed.

  • They may have to visit those Facebook friends’ profiles, but that can get annoying. Not only do they have to visit them all, they have to remember them all to visit. Plus they might get disappointed if nothing new had been posted.
  • They may have to block out posts from certain people they don’t care to know a lot about so their Facebook newsfeed reading list is shorter each time they sign on, without missing news from those they care most about. However, that means every now and then, they’ll miss big news from certain other people. Hey, even people posting annoying little things all the time, like going to the bathroom, have real big news in their lives every now and then!

I suspect these imperfect solutions, and a need for wanting to stay atop of what’s big in the lives of your Facebook friends, was why Facebook created the Top News version of newsfeed streaming. Here, the events that gets most responses from other uses get the most points. Facebook sneaks in the latest posts every now and then so you’re not completely out the loop, being aware of just the “hot” or “popular” issues, if you will.

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