https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me any more, with how often it has happened in the past, but leave it to me to end up embracing something I didn’t like, wasn’t good at, or both. In this case, it’s modern poetry, and I have come to embrace it in a big way! Now, only time will tell if it lasts, or if it will fade, but I have taken the steps to help it last.

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The COWBOY Dress Shirt

Dress shirts with yokes are often associated with country and western styles, like those of cowboys. I do dress shirts with yokes because they’re like canvases upon which I can show something, or are just opportunities to add a little colour to a shirt. However, I do them with Mandarin (or band) collars, tunic style not meant to be tucked in at the waist. The combination means I often joke about my style as that of an Asian cowboy. 🙂

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The Best Thing You Can Give Somebody, Including Yourself, is a Chance

This is Life Philosophy #1 in my Life Philosophize Your Age Facebook Challenge. On Facebook or other social media platforms, list one life philosophy you believe in or live by for each year you have lived, with optional commentary. I am doing my challenge here to share with a broader audience my Facebook friends.

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Life Philosophize Your Age – A Facebook Status or Note Meme Theme Challenge!

As we live life, we’re supposed to become wiser from having experienced more. That’s the theory, at least. But how would one measure that?

There’s an interesting debate if I’ve ever heard one. However, I propose this challenge for you to try, no matter what your age.

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The Decentralized Model of Blogging and Eight Good Blogging Rules

When someone starts a blog, one of the first and/or big question they have to answer is What is your blog going to be about?

For a lot of people, that’s a fairly narrow answer, like football, Transformers, the environment, etc. Even “everything about” a topic, like Twilight, isn’t all that broad. A blog on a theme becomes a focal point for something and aim to bring readers to them on that topic, like a a city in a state, where other blogs on the same topic are other cities, and each post is a new building in its city. Readers looking for something else would go elsewhere, like to another state or city.

For me, it was different. I chose to have a blog about pretty much anything and everything.

So why did I do this and how was I going to make it “succeed”?

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