Life Philosophize Your Age – A Facebook Status or Note Meme Theme Challenge!

As we live life, we’re supposed to become wiser from having experienced more. That’s the theory, at least. But how would one measure that?

There’s an interesting debate if I’ve ever heard one. However, I propose this challenge for you to try, no matter what your age.

Find one life philosophy you really live by, or truly believe in if you can’t live by it, for every year you have lived.

So if you’re 18 years old, get 18. If you’re 78, sorry, but for all your years of life experience, you’re going to have to try to find 78.

What counts as a life philosophy?

Any belief you have about life, including society or humanity, which you live by, let influence your judgment or thinking, or maybe would pass on to someone if they asked you to give them good solid advice about life. You don’t have to be perfect to live by your philosophy, or stick to life beliefs you list, all of the time. However, there should be no doubt that you do believe in and/or live by those life philosophies if it can be observed in your actions or expressions of your points of views.

How to do the challenge?

You can try it anywhere, really, whether just in your mind, putting down on paper, sharing on-line or otherwise. I would recommend you try it in a social media environment to share, get reactions and see what your friends might have if they took on the same challenge. That could be Facebook, Google+, Livejournal, Twitter, or otherwise. May be ask with each post to see if anybody has got a life philosophy to share so they don’t have to do a whole bunch just to be able to share, just whatever they can think of at the time. Either way, you’ll become wiser for it! I guarantee it! Otherwise, check your arrogance and ignorance levels if there’s absolutely nothing you would learn from reading what others share during your process.

If you take this challenge on-line, you can write all these life philosophies in one place, like a note, if you like. However, seeing as this is deep stuff and that you’re going to have to come up with lots of life philosophies, that could be a long note to write! I would highly recommend trying to find and share one per day, or just one every once in a while but keeping tally. Then share that as a status update, or tweet, blog post, or whatever. Where you can leave comments, maybe write one or two sentences or paragraphs as to why you believe that to be so. Or maybe write a whole note for it if it gets complicated. These are life philosophies, after all, not what you’re having for supper!

I’m going to write mine as blog posts every now and then, and I will tabulate them as a small note at the end of each post. I will also congregate them one a page for which I will provide a link here, and on every related post, when I start.

I have quite a few to do, so are you ready for some serious digital critical thinking like the blog moniker says? 😉

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