People’s Expectations Quote

Some people’s expectations aren’t worth living up to

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President Obama’s Bad Suit or More Junk in His Trunk?

As I’ve gotten more into making my own clothes and achieving good fit, I’ve also become a lot more aware of bad fitting clothing on other people. Most of this is on people around me, but some also on television since not everybody there is well groomed with the greatest wardrobe. That said, I never thought I’d be commenting on President Barack Obama’s wardrobe.

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Share a Disney Star Wars Mash-up

Darth Mickey

The Walt Disney Co. recently bought Lucasfilms from George Lucas for $4.05 billion (Yahoo!¬†as in the site of the article, not my reaction). Some people were thrilled since they’ve been lambasting George Lucas for everything he’s done post the original Star Wars Trilogy. Others thought there was a great disturbance in the force.

We’ll have to see how it’ll all turn out with time, but I can tell you the first good thing that has come of the transaction is the Disney-Star Wars mash-ups immediately found in the Twitterverse (#DisneyStarWars hash tag) and other places.

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More Jeremy Lin Vocabulary

Jeremy Lin is the current sports sensation with his meteoric rise out of nowhere to be a star with the New York Knicks. In just a week, he has gone from Asian representation to Asian sensation in the NBA. His Taiwanese last name, Lin, has been great for creating a whole new vocabulary around him and what he has done. However, with my rhyming first name of Minh, I can offer a few more of my play on sound nicknames for his vocabulary… maybe in exchange for some of his. Here’s a bunch of Jeremy Lin inspired vocabulary.

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MyDealists – Self-interested Idealists or Greedy Idealists

I hate hypocrisy, and hate isn’t too strong a word here. To say something and do something else is just bad character, to pass yourself off as something you are not.

I hate hypocrisy more when it’s deliberate self-image manipulation, rather than accidental or not well thought out, just reactionary.

However, I hate hypocrisy most when someone is disguising their self-interest, with something clearly to be gained, as idealism for the nobility of the masses, a cause, or something for which they can put themselves on a pedestal. That’s like first degree murder compared to manslaughter or accidental injury.

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