President Obama’s Bad Suit or More Junk in His Trunk?

As I’ve gotten more into making my own clothes and achieving good fit, I’ve also become a lot more aware of bad fitting clothing on other people. Most of this is on people around me, but some also on television since not everybody there is well groomed with the greatest wardrobe. That said, I never thought I’d be commenting on President Barack Obama’s wardrobe.

From a picture on CNN about some desperate story they had to conjure up regarding the President shaking hands with the guard at his helicopter instead of saluting him, I noticed this not well worn suit by da Prez.

obama handshake

Yeah, I noticed the bad suit, not the story. The suit wasn’t that bad! The story was.

Is it me or does that suit look like a jacket with a cheer leading skirt attached to it? It doesn’t look stiff. It doesn’t look like it fit, either.

Or is the President packing more junk in his trunk these days that we haven’t noticed since we don’t often get to see him from the back side?

What do you think?

I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt on the bad suit.

But on that note, Michelle, please tell your husband suits like that makes him look fat!

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