Create Your Own Facebook Status Feelings Challenge

Facebook has been rolling out options of actions, feelings and such with their status updates for a little while now. However, as anything with a choice, there are limitations. That said, there are a fair number of choices with the feelings from which you can choose, but they are still pretty generic. Fortunately, Facebook has allowed users to add their own feelings. That’s my challenge to you, should you want to accept it.

If you’re going to put a feeling with your Facebook status update, choose something not in their menu, but still be honest. It’s not hard. There are a huge number of words you can choose to describe how you’re feeling outside of the Facebook choices. You can even use expressions, of course. Why just be “happy” when you can be “giddy”, for example? Or fantabulous? Most people will feel happy at one time or another, or rather often, even. Giddy or fantabulous? That’s a bit rarer. Save them for them you’re just a bit more than humdrum happy. 🙂

Show a little personality, and how strong those feelings are! Maybe even expand your or someone else’s vocabulary! Next time you learn a new word that can describe how you feel, make a mental note to use it at first honest chance, for example. Even if that comes from one of your friends’ status updates.

Give it a try! I bet you’re gonna like it! 🙂


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