Do You Like the Ottawa RedBlacks Name?

So Ottawa once again has a Canadian Football League (CFL) team. This time, they’re calling themselves the RedBlacks. It’s a freaking ugly name! It’s so ugly I’d rather be confused and accept the stupid situation that we would have two Roughrider teams in merely a 9 team league as once had been!

And if it says anything about bilingualism in our country, in French, the team is known as the Rouge ET Noir, or Red AND Black. In the nation’s capital that is a bilingual town supposedly, they can’t even get the translation right! They wanted a unique word so they combined two in English. What’s the problem in French? Are Quebecers going to object to Anglicizing their language by doing such an English thing?

“We knew that no matter what we picked we were going to have a challenge,” said Jeff Hunt, president of the sports division of the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG).

Yeah, well you know what? You can also choose names that will give you a bigger challenge than others… and you’ve pretty much nailed that on the head! If I lived in Ottawa, I’d cheer for another team just so as not to be associated with that ugly name. Even the government couldn’t have come up with a name that bad!

And on that note, a political statement. Let’s abolish the Senate and rename the Senators unless you want to Romanize the logo a bit more. 🙂

One thought on “Do You Like the Ottawa RedBlacks Name?

  1. After the YellowWhites was discarded, they only had two possible choices: the BrownSkins and the RedBlacks. In summary, everthing about Ottawa is retarded.

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