Let’s Have a RUN FOR OBESITY to Cure the Disease!

The American Medical Association has just voted to classify obesity as a “disease”.

Wow. That’s just wrong. I thought doctors were supposed to be smart.

I know obesity is being treated like an epidemic, so the expression goes, but that’s only because it’s big in numbers. There’s nothing very epidemic about it medically. You can involuntarily spread it. You can’t involuntarily catch it. You sure as heck can influence those around you to be overweight if you are, but it’s still a choice most people make. There are some, I realize, that have weight gain as a medical condition from conditions with their body, but those are rare in the group making obesity to be considered an epidemic. I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about the regular ones who just make bad choices and don’t have enough motivation and discipline to keep from being obese. That’s the real disease, if you ask me.

To call obesity a disease is not only wrong, it takes responsibility from the people suffering from it. Suddenly, it’s no longer their fault. They’re victims, for crying out loud. All that’s going to do is make more people more obese in the long run. What kind of lunacy thinking is the AMA polluted with these days?

Also, if it’s a disease, you’ll have everything from insurance rates going up to more people with disabled plates, probably. Thinking about this, though, I thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a Run for Obesity? Kind of like the way they have a Run for the Cure for Cancer, and a run for just about everything else you can think of besides the common cold. They probably have one of those, too. I probably just haven’t heard of it.

But really, listen to this idea! A Run for Obesity could really cure the disease, unlike those other runs that just raises money and awareness in hopes it helps find a cure.

This run would actually cure the disease for many! That’s as long as you don’t let non-obese people run it for the obese people. Can you imagine that? The runners have a sign who they’re running for to identify that person as obese and not willing to participate?

The best thing about it all is you wouldn’t need to raise money and you could do it every weekend!

But for now, to the AMA… C’mon man!!!

One thought on “Let’s Have a RUN FOR OBESITY to Cure the Disease!

  1. Obesity is now declared a disease! If so, it is a disease of affluence and most people afflicted by it, are obsessed about the difficulty of losing weight, whereas I believe the solution is quite simple.

    As a kid I grew up in New Zealand during the 2nd world war, when food was scarce and rationed. I remember only 2 kids at primary school who were overweight. One lived on a farm and ate dairy and other foods which were obviously not rationed or at least, were hard to ration by the authorities. The other had no interest in physical activity, but loved eating, particularly fatty fried food. Overweight adults were a rarity, as they are still in poorer societies.

    I walk along the streets of Balmain in Sydney after schools are out and most kids are eating ice creams, or consuming sugary drinks, bought for them by their mothers! When I grew up, the standard of living was much lower, but an ice cream or lemonade was a special treat, bought for me rarely.

    Today, in the 1st World, the majority of adults are overweight, many grossly and hideously obese. During my frequent business trips to the USA in the nineties, I was taken once to dinner by an obese company representative to Ur Cooks in Houston, Texas, where we selected our own steaks, cooked them and added cooked vegetables. The concept was ideal for feeding yourself a healthy nutritious meal. My host selected an enormous steak about 2 inches thick, covering most of his plate, cooked it and added copious vegetables that almost fell off his plate. I selected the smallest steak available – still large in my view, added vegetables, ate my meal, feeling I probably could have eaten more, but pleasantly satisfied.

    The answer to obesity is common sense. If anyone is overweight, they must stop being be so greedy, but select nutritious food of a quantity that doesn’t make them feel (and look like) like a stuffed pig.

    Most obese people blame everyone but themselves – they have tried everything, they say – their genes are wrong (if so, they are lucky, they have an efficient metabolism and don’t need much food to remain functioning and healthy – would have been great in the ‘hunter/gatherer’ days) – they love sweet things – fast food is so tasty (lots of salt and fat!). There were no fat people in those horrendous concentration or POW camps during the 2nd world war.

    Has old fashioned, self discipline just gone out the window? For goodness sake, can’t humans stop putting food in their mouths! They don’t need a fad diet. In the blog on my site, ‘Lose Weight’, (See http://fitnessforum.us), I specify how to live a life that will banish obesity – to live longer and enjoy the years much more – obese people must simply resolve themselves NOW – only they can do it and it is simple.

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