Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Blowin’ in the Wind, in 3 Keys (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan

Blowin’ in the Wind is a Bob Dylan classic that is not only simple in its chording, but can also be played in 3 different keys without needing any difficult chords or capo. That means no bar chords, or even chords requiring 4 fingers! You can play and sing it in the keys of A, D or G, depending on where you vocal range lies.

Or you can do it in all three keys as I have arranged and shown in the video below! You play and sing each verse in a progressively higher key as the urgency grows in the lyrics. Notes are included in the printable guitar and ukulele tab PDFs below the video.

Whether you want to play the song in any of the keys, or all three keys, the tabs are in the PDFs below. Each PDF contains the song in all three keys, as well as the triple key version, all with chords and notes written out. It’s just a matter of whether you want the guitar or ukulele version, and whether you want it in compact but small text in letter sized, or the larger 11″ x 17″ tabloid sized. If you don’t have a printer that can print tabloid sized, you can always print the letter sized and enlarge it on a photocopier somewhere. Most copiers have an automatic letter to tabloid size enlargement so you don’t have to play around to find the right sizing.

Please click here for more guitar and ukulele tabs on this site.

Other notes

There are no credits for other voices in the video because I sang all the parts. I just thought it made the recording more interesting.

As I listened to the final product before posting, though, I thought this would make a rather nice choral arrangement with a little harmony. I’ll work on that over the summer as part of my musical development process. I learn best this way in life. Find things I have a real interest in which also has useful applications for me, which are also challenging. This is an ideal example of that.

I’ve had this tab for about 5 years now, but never got the skills and technology to be able to share it till now. Working on this tab, I couldn’t decide in which key I wanted to sing the song. Low was too easy. High was challenging but I like stretching my vocal chords. Then middle was just, well, middle. Then I got the idea to sing it in all 3 keys and found a simple transition that also gave me the starting note I needed with each verse, a trick I learned in choir from good musical scores by the likes of Mozart. Then came the realization that I had already written tons of classical poetry with rhyme schemes and meters that are perfect for song lyrics. So if I could arrange music (even if very simply like this to start), then why not just take a small leap towards writing music, and songs as lyrics were like poetry?

That was the beginning of my songwriting. I hope to have more of my own songs recorded in the future to share here.

I have quite a few more tabs to share in the future that are arrangements rather than the straight up radio version. A lot of them were “forced” because it’s tough to play a lot of songs the way they sound on the radio with one voice and one guitar. But then when I got into arranging the songs, I really got into arranging the songs. Sometimes, I even doubled up the lyrics or changed genres and such! Through those, I knew I could do songwriting because I only thought I could write songs with this arrangement. With more and more elaborate arrangements later on, I knew for sure I could write songs and eventually proved it to myself (my first song).


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