My Superman in the Sky Designer Pyjamas (from Simplicity 4378)

Pyjamas are all too boring these days. So when I recently saw some great cheap $3 a metre fabric that screamed out pyjamas at me, I bought it and made a set of custom fit designer pyjamas for myself.

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Time to Upgrade that “One in a Million” Expression

A popular expression used in English is “one in a million”. It can be used to describe a lot of things, from events to phenomena to people, for their rarity. However, with the world population at 7 billion these days, if describing people, it’s no longer that much of a compliment.

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Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Blowin’ in the Wind, in 3 Keys (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan

Blowin’ in the Wind is a Bob Dylan classic that is not only simple in its chording, but can also be played in 3 different keys without needing any difficult chords or capo. That means no bar chords, or even chords requiring 4 fingers! You can play and sing it in the keys of A, D or G, depending on where you vocal range lies.

Or you can do it in all three keys as I have arranged and shown in the video below! You play and sing each verse in a progressively higher key as the urgency grows in the lyrics. Notes are included in the printable guitar and ukulele tab PDFs below the video.

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Great Love Songs #22 to #29 for February Facebook Meme

In late January, I proposed a Facebook meme to share a love song a day for February that contains Valentine’s Day.

Here were the firstsecond and third sets of seven songs I had shared.

Below is the fourth and final set of seven great love songs I shared, with some short commentary for each. Actually, for the Februaries with 29 days, I’ve included a bonus song.

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