Great Love Songs #15 to #21 for February Facebook Meme

In late January, I proposed a Facebook meme to share a love song a day for February that contains Valentine’s Day.

Here are the first seven songs and the second seven songs I had shared.

Below is the third set of seven great love songs I shared, with some short commentary for each.

Most jazz standards had their standards set a long time ago, but Annie Lennox totally ups the bar on this Cole Porter classic simply by going simpler and more emotional in her singing. A heart felt goodbye song for the day after Valentine’s Day.


After yesterday’s jazz farewell love song, today’s theme is coming back together, mellow disco style. I have guitar tabs for this song, if you can believe it, but I don’t have them in a format ready to share yet. That’ll be coming!


You know someone loves a song when s/he writes extra lyrics for it. I loved this song so much and saw a way to complete it so I did, with the following lyrics that one sings in repeating the bridge and final verse.

Believe in me,
I ask in this little song,
And you will see,
Your doubts in me are wrong

We should really belong
Together like the words and tune,
Of this song about the make believe,
But it wouldn’t be make believe,
If you believed in me,
Yes if you – believed – in – me!

p.s. I actually like the version by Morgana King a lot better, but can’t find an online video version to share here.


Well-known for its opening line involving the moon, I have reserved this song for the full moon, under which it would be a lot of fun to serenade your lover with this classic!

[50s Easy Listening]

A cute and flirty duet between Doris Day and Buddy Clark from 1947.

[40s Easy Listening]

Love me, that’s all I ask of you. Pretty simple but pretty effective. Nothing like a great love duet, and I have plenty on my list of great love songs. This classic from Phantom of the Opera is my obligatory Andrew Lloyd Webber song on my great love song list.


Another Burt Bacharach classic on my list, this one may be sung by Karen Carpenter, but it could easily be sung by a guy for a girl.

[70s Easy Listening]

Please click here for my fourth and final set of 7 great love songs shared in February.


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