Great Love Songs #22 to #29 for February Facebook Meme

In late January, I proposed a Facebook meme to share a love song a day for February that contains Valentine’s Day.

Here were the firstsecond and third sets of seven songs I had shared.

Below is the fourth and final set of seven great love songs I shared, with some short commentary for each. Actually, for the Februaries with 29 days, I’ve included a bonus song.

My kind of girl. That’s all I’m saying about it. ;-

[Doo wop]

Dad and I grew up with the solo Nat King Cole version of this song, but the technical duet with his daughter is a very nice touch. I’m sure this one would be on Dad’s list, too, if he were to make such a list.

[50s Easy Listening]

More Ella and Cole. I love a great song with a good innuendo and teaser!


The flower child love duet by two flower children in love. I love duets and I love real love duets, so this was an easy choice.

[60s rock]

Dad always loved the Ray Conniff Singers and so did I, for their softer group singing for pieces like this as opposed to a harsher solo voice. Lara’s Theme, also known as Somewhere My Love, from the movie Dr Zhivago.

[60s Easy Listening]

A tango performer’s serenading song! This ain’t no pansy love song to be singing to your lover! You’ll need to have the gusto of tango in you for this one that is a tango in origin. From the Spangish tango song known as El Choclo


The last song in my meme involves the jazz owned by Etta James. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get some Prozac for March cause having love songs on my mind all month has been spectacular and I’ll have to come down for March!


The bonus song in my meme is a beauty redone by Mama Cass of the Mamas & the Papas. Dad introduced me to the Mamas & the Papas way back when, and this song has stuck as a great love song in my books. Thanks Dad!


The whole experience of this meme has been great, as I thought it would have been when I first conceived of the idea in late January, because love songs filled my head all day for an entire month! I wish I could think of something as good to fill March, but maybe appropriately, since I’m feeling down that this is over, maybe I’ll try a different alcoholic drink for each day in March to be drunk all month like the Irish. 🙂

Alas, I don’t drink. Guess it’ll have to be Prozac as I said above.

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