Great Love Songs #8 to #14 for February Facebook Meme

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In late January, I proposed a Facebook meme to share a love song a day for February that contains Valentine’s Day.

The first seven songs I had shared can be found through this link.

Below is the second set of seven great love songs of my list and some short commentary with each.

You know, I don’t have much in common with my Dad when it comes to taste for music, but this, this was one of Dad’s favourites, and also one of mine. You know the music is great when it can transcend differences like that! Originally written in 1933 for the operetta “Roberta”, and made a doo wop hit in 1958 by the Platters and still popular today. That’s longevity!

[Doo Wop]

Most people know this song through Herb Alpert, but it’s just one of many beautiful love songs written by Burt Bacharach, a love songwriter if I’ve ever heard one.

[60s Easy Listening]

The best love song I have in my songbook which I can play and sing… on days when I have my full tenor voice cause I created an arrangement even nicer than this one, with some rather high notes! 🙂

[Doo Wop]

Originally written by Mike Batt in 1995, this song never truly realized its potential till Katie got hold of it in 2004. Listen to it and you’ll know why.

[Modern Easy Listening]

This was considered one of Ella’s finest recordings, which is saying a lot considering her repertoire. But listening to it, you can hear why. Very romantic song. Perfect light piano accompaniment. Ella at her best in a style suitable for this song written in 1938 by Ray Noble.


Frank Wildhorn wrote this song for the musical Jekyll & Hyde, to court the leading lady in the show, Linda Eder, who sang it in the show. This is my top choice for the most romantic song on my list, and most romantic performance where Linda sings it with Frank on piano!


The Comparison Song – Minh Tan, featuring Lis Soderberg by digitalcitizen

If you’ve written a love song you liked, you can include it on your own list of great love songs, no? This song was beautifully sung by Lis Soderberg, with background parts, recording and mixing all done by the very talented Allister Bradley in the summer of 2008 at Humber College. I just strummed on a cheap guitar but kept good rhythm. 🙂

[Modern Easy Listening]

Please click here for my third set of seven great love songs in my February Facebook meme.

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