2015 CCHS Interactive Online Report Card

For my learning of Tableau data visualization software, I created an interactive workbook I put on the Tableau Public website with the 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) public data released by Statistics Canada. It essentially translated about 47 thousand lines of aggregate survey data into a comparative report card of dots comparing health related matters among demographics of people in provinces to each other via the Canadian average for their demographic. You can extract all kinds of information and stories without having to look at one number on this thing, although if you mouseover any dot, you’ll see all the stats that come with it that was also used in making comparisons!

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Evidence Why the RPI is Garbage for Determining March Madness Seeds

The Rating Percentage Index, or RPI, is the biggest aid for the NCAA March Madness Selection Committee to determine which teams make it in March Madness, where they rank, and which teams are left out (ESPN). The RPI is also the simplest of the many ranking indices out there (ESPN), like:

  1. Basketball Power Index or BPI by ESPN
  2. Sagarin Index by Jeff Sagarin
  3. KenPom by Ken Pomeroy
  4. Massey Ratings

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Menswear Jealousy Over Womenswear Attention Unjustified

I just accidentally came across an article on why Menswear thinks it’s really unfair that people only talk about womenswear, and it was such a good LOL I had to write a response. 🙂

Look at the primary highlight picture. Those are guys in plaid suits. I think those things have been around for at least a century. They’re not even of an original cut and style! Who wants to talk about generic fashion that’s been around for more than a century?

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