2015 CCHS Interactive Online Report Card

For my learning of Tableau data visualization software, I created an interactive workbook I put on the Tableau Public website with the 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) public data released by Statistics Canada. It essentially translated about 47 thousand lines of aggregate survey data into a comparative report card of dots comparing health related matters among demographics of people in provinces to each other via the Canadian average for their demographic. You can extract all kinds of information and stories without having to look at one number on this thing, although if you mouseover any dot, you’ll see all the stats that come with it that was also used in making comparisons!

The workbook is actually embeddable in websites and applications allowing JavaScript if you want to take it your blog, site and/or app that allows JavaScript. Unfortunately, WordPress does not so the best I can do is send you there via the links above. This is the first version I’ll do of that set of survey results. I’ll add more features soon as I learn how to do more. The 2016 data is also due out within a couple of weeks and I hope to turn that around to something like this within days so that next workbook will be fresh rather than a year old (results released are always a year behind).

I hope you’ll have a look at it and enjoy the things you can see in it for trends, some of which support reputations and/or friendly stereotypes of people in certain provinces in Canada. I’ve provided some examples here where I could embed the workbook into a post. 🙂

If you like these sorts of interactive dashboards, I’ve got another one on the 2015 CCHS Nutrition survey. Unfortunately, a lot of that is just showing there’s not a lot of differences in how Canadians eat within their demographics. But that’s just as important to know, even if not nearly as interesting. Among demographics, we eat differently but not too different from what’s already generally known.

However, I’m just starting, If you really want to see some of these “viz” that razzle and dazzle, check out the Tableau Public gallery of their “greatest hits”!

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