Introducing the Necklace Tie Life Hack!

I recently came up with this idea for a Canada150 Innovation project. It’s a tie that you put on like a necklace, forever after, after tying your favourite tie in your favourite knot, as best as you can, for posterity!

Here’s what you do!

Necklace tie

  1. Tie on your tie as best you can using whatever knot you choose.
  2. Mark on the tie over your spine (skip if you have a helper).
  3. Loosen tie and take off over your head (skip if you have a helper).
  4. Cut the tie on the mark from step 2 (or over your spine by your helper).
  5. Sew on fasteners. 30mm hook and bar like found on jeans is recommended. Big to clasp easily. Holds well. Flat so as not to show from under your collar. Machine sew through each hole like a button, or hand sew like button holes.
  6. Put back on like a necklace. Requires tightening if you had to loosen it without a helper.
  7. Now put on and take off forever like a necklace, keeping that knot pristine, saving you time as well (esp if it were a hard knot to do). You can always unravel it all again as it’s still the same length. Tying it again might mean the fasteners aren’t on your centre back but who’s going to know?

This is better than clip-on ties cause you can do this with any tie rather than be limited to clip-on selection you can find. It’s an easy life hack. The knot is nice and doesn’t look fake. There’s no jabbing into your neck as some clip-ons do.

Just think of how many people wear ties, and how often. Then think of time saved from this if they all did it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Or even a small portion. Big impact from many little applications.

A GOLD Rating

Definitely golden in terms of idea! And easy to do that the results were golden as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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