MacDonald Bridge Bike Lane Reopening Delayed 2 Days to Protest Cyclists’ Protest

In rush hour on Thursday, June 1st, some unappreciative cyclists rode across the Halifax MacDonald Bridge on the main deck to protest delays in reopening of the bike lane due to the Big Lift Project. In response, Halifax Bridge Commissioner Angus M. MacDonald has announced the reopening of the bike lane will be delayed an additional two days from when it will be ready, to protest the inconsiderate cyclists’ protest. Meanwhile, the walking and running lane will be opened during those two days to show appreciation for walkers and runners who did not protest. Bikers utilizing this path illegally can be expected to be fined and have their bikes taken away for a yet to be determined amount of their bike’s estimated lifetime, in proportion to how far they got across before being stopped.

The Big Lift is only the second time a suspension bridge had been redecked, with sections replaced one at a time, while remaining open to traffic most of the time. The first time was in Vancouver, which has heavenly weather compared to what we have Halifax. There were bound to be delays!

Things have generally gone smoothly for what people could control. Yet, these cyclists didn’t seem to be able to appreciate what a challenge this whole project was. What were they thinking? The team was delaying and taking their time for the heck of it? And it’s not like they need more challenges to deal with.

So as a fair response, the bike lane will reopen two days after it will be ready to reopen, to protest the cyclists’ protest and demonstrate there are consequences to protest actions. All other cyclists can thank these cyclists for their brazen disregard for the law and hard workers. Meanwhile, runners and walkers will be able to enjoy the bike lane when it is ready to be reopened.

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