Definition: Benjo Meshi, Ohitorisama, Solo Date

Some Japanese terms and concepts today for Valentine’s Day, in case you’re not celebrating with a partner, or perhaps know someone who isn’t.

May I also remind you that there has been more people not in a relationship than there are in the world for a few years now. Single is actually the norm!

Had to break one tweet into several posts so as not to overload with terms in one post. I like to keep it at 3 terms max per post.


Benjo Meshi

Japanese for “toilet lunch”, which is the practice of eating lunch alone in a toilet to avoid being seen without a friend



Japanese for “party of one” that is a new movement where people boldly choose to do things alone regardless of others’ opinion


Solo Date

Date with yourself, or going out on your own by choice, that is a movement now (also look up “self-partnered” as a single status from Emma Watson)


MacDonald Bridge Bike Lane Reopening Delayed 2 Days to Protest Cyclists’ Protest

In rush hour on Thursday, June 1st, some unappreciative cyclists rode across the Halifax MacDonald Bridge on the main deck to protest delays in reopening of the bike lane due to the Big Lift Project. In response, Halifax Bridge Commissioner Angus M. MacDonald has announced the reopening of the bike lane will be delayed an additional two days from when it will be ready, to protest the inconsiderate cyclists’ protest. Meanwhile, the walking and running lane will be opened during those two days to show appreciation for walkers and runners who did not protest. Bikers utilizing this path illegally can be expected to be fined and have their bikes taken away for a yet to be determined amount of their bike’s estimated lifetime, in proportion to how far they got across before being stopped.

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