Definition: Benjo Meshi, Ohitorisama, Solo Date

Some Japanese terms and concepts today for Valentine’s Day, in case you’re not celebrating with a partner, or perhaps know someone who isn’t.

May I also remind you that there has been more people not in a relationship than there are in the world for a few years now. Single is actually the norm!

Had to break one tweet into several posts so as not to overload with terms in one post. I like to keep it at 3 terms max per post.


Benjo Meshi

Japanese for “toilet lunch”, which is the practice of eating lunch alone in a toilet to avoid being seen without a friend



Japanese for “party of one” that is a new movement where people boldly choose to do things alone regardless of others’ opinion


Solo Date

Date with yourself, or going out on your own by choice, that is a movement now (also look up “self-partnered” as a single status from Emma Watson)



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