Definition: Peplos, Chiton, Diadem, Archaic Smile

I’m learning SO many new words already this year that even with the inevitable big drop off with warmer weather, when I’ll be outdoor more and learning fewer new words each day, I’ll have to up the number of definitions per post to a minimum of 3 per post! I’ll either have multiple tweets, or include all the words in some tweets, for each post. Otherwise, it’ll be at least a few years before all get posted, even if I posted daily… assuming I stopped learning or posting new words. So here goes!


Archaic smile

The style of smile used in Archaic (Ancient Greek) sculptures before the 5th century BC, viewed as flat and not natural, possibly denoting ignorant happiness



Body-length garment established as typical attire for women in ancient Greece by 500 BC



A form of tunic that fastens at the shoulder, worn by men and women of Ancient Greece and Rome



A type of crown, specifically an ornamental headband worn by monarchs and others as a badge of royalty


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