If Only Trump’s Dad Had Been So Good at Pulling Out

So Trump wants to pull out of the Paris Agreement now, after having pulled out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a whole bunch of his campaign threats, and threatening to pull out of NAFTA, and on and on.

Oh, if only Trump’s Dad had been so good at pulling out…

One thought on “If Only Trump’s Dad Had Been So Good at Pulling Out

  1. He has been a bafoon as long as I have been aware of his existence. I do not believe a word he says. He doesn’t have the intelligence to be evil. He is a bigger “crook” than Nixon but more dangerous. If he believes the world is laughing at us now….just wait until this latest stunt hits the press. I’m so ashamed. I did NOT vote for that orange jackass and I find it dumbfounding that his base (basket of deplorables) still stick up for him. Lesson learned. Don’t talk to the ” Stupids “. When will the people wise up?

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