Definition: Tanuki, Topping Out, Dragon Gate

So many cool new words and terms in one short story that I’ll put it into two posts!



Japanese raccoon dog that looks like a raccoon but isn’t (or even close biologically)


Topping Out

Scandinavian practice of putting a tree or wreath on top of a new house and building to appease tree spirits, as if to say “thank you” to the forest for the wood used


Dragon Gate

Huge gaps in the middle of Southeast Asian skyscrapers to allow dragons to fly through from ocean to mountains.

Now this is a slightly crazy looking, but fun, concept that is taken very seriously!

My 2019 JOMO Social Media Challenge

There are many ways to reduce time on social media, from plans to the newly available time spent on your device (which maybe limited to only certain apps you can customize). I have come up with what I think is a rather simple, effective, and easily “measurable” method I know can work for me, while still be challenging since this is a challenge. Pending your “need” for social media, it may work for you as well, though you may need to do some “setting up” to help make it work.

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Apocalyptic Meal (fun language)

When I cook meals that are intended to empty my fridge, or lots of containers in them with only a little ingredient in each, I call them apocalyptic meals.

They’re symbolically apocalyptic in a few ways:

  • They wipe out a lot of the food left, if not all of it.
  • There is no food left for tomorrow, cause you’re assuming there won’t be a tomorrow. 🙂

Seriously, why call them empty out the fridge meals, or some term like quiche that’s a mish-mash of leftovers, when you can use a more potent term like apocalyptic meal? Sounds great on the phone, too!

“I’m cooking an apocalyptic meal for supper!”

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