MyDealists – Self-interested Idealists or Greedy Idealists

I hate hypocrisy, and hate isn’t too strong a word here. To say something and do something else is just bad character, to pass yourself off as something you are not.

I hate hypocrisy more when it’s deliberate self-image manipulation, rather than accidental or not well thought out, just reactionary.

However, I hate hypocrisy most when someone is disguising their self-interest, with something clearly to be gained, as idealism for the nobility of the masses, a cause, or something for which they can put themselves on a pedestal. That’s like first degree murder compared to manslaughter or accidental injury.

If you’re going to fight for your cause, fight it honestly. Lie if you have to, on facts or whatever, but don’t involve yourself by putting yourself on a pedestal like you’re something extraordinary in a good way when you’re just repulsive in a bad way. Like you’re fighting for the public good, or defending animals who have no right to defend them, or the planet’s well being for everyone else, when it’s just some money you’re hoping to get… or not lose, or just some work you don’t want to have to do to try and get ahead of everyone else.

Character, obviously, has no meaning to these people. They confuse it with caricature without knowing. They are hardly idealists, but rather the most selfish type of people you can find. Not only to they want their things, they want to get a bonus good self-image for it to cover for their flaws. For these self-interested, quite possibly greedy, self-anointed “idealists”, I have created a term for them.

I call them MyDealists.

They’re not looking for the “ideal”, cause the “i” in ideal ain’t big enough for them. They’re looking for something they can own and benefit from. They’re looking for the deal that benefits them… their deal if they could strike one.

Hence, MyDealists.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some people to go label. 🙂

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