Mentally Obese

What happens to my brain when it’s not challenged enough to keep it in good condition over extended periods of time.

That’s the term I’ve coined for it.

I suspect it’d happen to yours as well.


Semi-perishables (n.) – food that perishes but which’s edible lifespan can be extended beyond the typical period of two weeks of perishables.
[semi-perishable is adjective]

The conversational definition would be “food that can last more than 2 weeks if taken care of, but is perishable”.

I’ve been stocking up on a lot of food so far this calendar year due to some massive sales I found of non-perishables I know I will be consuming. Along the way, I also came across savings on food that lasts, or can last, a fair amount of time if taken care of properly or on its own. Examples of the former would be meats in the freezer, and an example of the latter would be soy milk which tends to have a two month best before date. To describe these foods, I came up with the term semi-perishables, to include in descriptions of stuff I stocked up on this year.

As of now, I have enough of some semi-perishables stocked up to last me till spring, so they weren’t a negligible part of the conversation. 🙂

Apocalyptic Meal (fun language)

When I cook meals that are intended to empty my fridge, or lots of containers in them with only a little ingredient in each, I call them apocalyptic meals.

They’re symbolically apocalyptic in a few ways:

  • They wipe out a lot of the food left, if not all of it.
  • There is no food left for tomorrow, cause you’re assuming there won’t be a tomorrow. 🙂

Seriously, why call them empty out the fridge meals, or some term like quiche that’s a mish-mash of leftovers, when you can use a more potent term like apocalyptic meal? Sounds great on the phone, too!

“I’m cooking an apocalyptic meal for supper!”

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I Prepared for Doomsdaylight Savings Time by Joining Pinterest

After about a half a year’s resistance, I finally joined Pinterest to cut down my clutter and increase my “mobility” to be able to have more “things” at my disposal from more places and to share with more people. This was my answer to what I call Doomsdaylight Savings Time, when we turned back our clocks and get out of work almost in the dark. I don’t do much in the morning aside from getting up and going to work indoors, so my effective daylight exposure is after work. But Doomsdaylight Savings Time removes much of that, including runs in daylight, so I brainstormed for myself something to get excited over to counteract that, and that was Pinterest. Hey, if I’m going to be spending time indoors in the dark, might as well get excited over it!

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MyDealists – Self-interested Idealists or Greedy Idealists

I hate hypocrisy, and hate isn’t too strong a word here. To say something and do something else is just bad character, to pass yourself off as something you are not.

I hate hypocrisy more when it’s deliberate self-image manipulation, rather than accidental or not well thought out, just reactionary.

However, I hate hypocrisy most when someone is disguising their self-interest, with something clearly to be gained, as idealism for the nobility of the masses, a cause, or something for which they can put themselves on a pedestal. That’s like first degree murder compared to manslaughter or accidental injury.

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