I Prepared for Doomsdaylight Savings Time by Joining Pinterest

After about a half a year’s resistance, I finally joined Pinterest to cut down my clutter and increase my “mobility” to be able to have more “things” at my disposal from more places and to share with more people. This was my answer to what I call Doomsdaylight Savings Time, when we turned back our clocks and get out of work almost in the dark. I don’t do much in the morning aside from getting up and going to work indoors, so my effective daylight exposure is after work. But Doomsdaylight Savings Time removes much of that, including runs in daylight, so I brainstormed for myself something to get excited over to counteract that, and that was Pinterest. Hey, if I’m going to be spending time indoors in the dark, might as well get excited over it!

For starters, my Pinterest board will have mostly sewing and fashion related stuff as that’s what I’m currently collecting a lot of knowledge on. That, plus I know others with extensive and active boards to collect stuff all the time to “bring me knowledge”, which I can filter for my needs. I tend to use my social media that way, to get people to provide me with information rather than going to look for it. Goodness knows, I do that enough at my work that I almost expect to be paid to do more! Well, not really but you get the idea. It’s just nicer to have people whose tastes and interests appeal to you do all the work.

So far, the experience has been great. I’m learning a lot and enjoying stuff people are finding for me. I’ve started pinning a few “original” things myself to test out some things, but it might be a while before I pin more than repin stuff.

If you use Pinterest, how are you finding it?

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