Researched Suggestions for Writing the Next Hit Song in America

A new study published in the Journal of Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts suggests that the most popular songs in American culture these days are increasingly about oneself, especially one’s angry or antisocial behaviour (DeWall, C. Nathan; Pond, Richard S., Jr.; Campbell, W. Keith; Twenge, Jean M., Mar 21 2011).

See the more complete and easier to read Miller-McCune article here.

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Great Love Songs #8 to #14 for February Facebook Meme

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In late January, I proposed a Facebook meme to share a love song a day for February that contains Valentine’s Day.

The first seven songs I had shared can be found through this link.

Below is the second set of seven great love songs of my list and some short commentary with each.

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Someone Should Write a Wolverine Musical

If you’re not aware, Hugh Jackman is an incredibly talented actor with skills beyond acting like real singing and dancing skills. He has starred in musicals such as Oklahoma! (video) and The Boy from Oz (video from 2004 Tony Awards). However, my favourite example can be seen in his 2009 Oscars opening that he gave while hosting because he goes through so many characters, in musical format rather than their regular movie format (starting at 2:00 in video).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Currently, Hugh Jackman is arguably most well-known for his role as the X-men mutant Wolverine. The character was so well played and so loved by fans from original X-men trilogy of movies that it got its own movie, just released at time of posting. It’s a part Hugh played so stunningly it will be hard to imagine anyone else doing it. He really owns that role.

In terms of character, Wolverine is a rough on the edges, fearsome sort of character with many animal instincts and behaviours true to his name. It is quite the antithesis to anything most people associate with the fine art form of musical theatre. It is precisely because of this polarity that Hugh Jackman is truly able to show how talented an actor he is. He can really cover both ends of the acting spectrum well, finesse to rough, animal to human, action, drama, song, dance, and everything in between. Ironically, though, despite the respect he gets and deserves for this, there has also been jokes about him starring in a musical called Wolverine. Seems the people who joke about it thinks that if such a musical were made, it’d have Wolverine making a mockery of himself. However,  I beg to differ.

I think superhero comic book stories are very well suited to musical theatre! For one thing, where can you write in more drama than in a superhero comic book story? It’s like exaggerated fiction given super powers, where the heroes and villains are both larger than grand! With comic book stories, every subplot can be epic! In fact, you can probably make every musical number epic if you had a writers talented enough to write that many memorable numbers in a musical. That’s because you can expand every type of human emotion, ritual, value and such beyond the boundaries of what humans, society, the natural world and universe, can be expected to do in regular fiction or nonfiction.

For many, the doubts over a comic book superhero musical are really over the stage and musical theatre’s form to convincingly portray the supernatural elements and serious intense drama in comic books. That is, can the stage suit the comics rather than the comics suit the stage? Well, I say an equally convincing yes. There have been very dramatic and serious musicals portraying thriller and horror type stories that did not exactly extract laughs or make a mockery out of their heroes and villains, with technology nothing like they have for the theatre stage today. The Phantom in Phantom of the Opera is no mockery of a character even on a musical stage. The story of the demon barber Sweeney Todd has also been adapted into a musical of the same name. It was a musical thriller, no less, and won a Tony Award in 1979, no less. The famous story of Jekyll & Hyde has also been well adapted to theatre, with two songs that could well have been in a superhero comic book musical. This is the Moment primes for the ultimate of ultimate moments, well sung below by Robert Cuccioli.

Meanwhile, Someone Like You is about as nice a love by chance song as you’ll find. Linda Eder, who sang it on Broadway as part of the Jekyll & Hyde production, sings it below with her real life husband and the song’s writer, Frank Wildhorse, in a PBS Special. This is real life love and magic in music.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What exists with Hugh Jackman being such a great screen and musical actor, with a comic superhero part he’s made his own, is an opportunity for a superhero comic book that might not ever occur any time soon. To that realization, I’m really hoping someone will work on a Wolverine musical. It shouldn’t be the kinds of “jokes” you see below, which I love as humour, but in which I also see the potential for what could be. The first is of some guy spoofing Wolverine in a musical, but has some more serious moments.

The second is Hugh Jackman, himself, doing Wolverine the musical with action figures in an interview (3:50 into the video)! I can’t believe hardly anyone has seen this video (under 1000 at time of posting)! Sure, he’s humouring the reporter but it seems to me he’s game, and that’s not the type of material I’m thinking about. And hey, if Hugh’s game, I say what are we waiting for?

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 10.1

Easy One Click Social Bookmarking for with AddtoAny Share Button!

Add to Any LogoKUDOS to the good people at Add to Any, the maker of the Share/Save Button to enable social bookmarking, who have created an amazing and easy one-click way for users to add social bookmarking to their posts!

Basically, the shake and bake of it is this. You drag an icon to your Browser Toolbar, drop it to make a button, write up your post as you would normally, click that button and voilà.


AddtoAny Share This Button

AddtoAny Share This Button, for illustrative purposes only here (real Share button at end)

The Share/Save button appears at the end of your post! See the link above to the Add to Any Blog for the real deal!

It’s social bookmarking in as easy a solution as one can get, webware style or usage of the browser in a capacity of software application. I dare even say it’s easier than many of us probably imagined because this webware stuff is still a new concept to most people.

I’ve already tested it and I can tell you it works great! WOW!

This is a game changer or killer app for! Just think about having all those tens of millions of blogs and each of their posts social bookmark enabled for sharing! I hope AddtoAny’s servers are ready to handle all the new traffic!

I mean, compare one-click to the cumbersome 11 step process where you have to look at and transfer code, even if not write or modify any, which I had posted on March 2nd to do the same thing. OI! I feel so, so… GEEKY!

Mind you, it was worthwhile for me because many people have put the social bookmarking I enabled on my blog to use in the six weeks since to get me tons of traffic… not to mention getting a response from Pat, founder of 🙂

But if you’re not convinced the one-click to enable social bookmarking is worth your while, have a read here as to why.

Just a slight commentary on the button in the toolbar installation, though. I had to put the AddtoAny for WordPress button in my Bookmarks bar in Firefox. I don’t know if that counts as a Toolbar but I couldn’t get it to go in the Toolbar where the Home and other buttons reside. The button was wide to label itself so I had to edit it to minimize its space, and there is as yet an icon to it like the nice one for the AddtoAny site if you had that as a bookmark.

But it’s early. I’m sure they’ll get to that icon soon. For now, I’m clicking on that button I had installed so easily, social bookmark enabling this post, publishing it and standing up to clap and start a standing ovation for the folks at AddtoAny (and Automattic, who own WordPress and might have cooperated to make this possible).

Ba-da-BING! Ba-da-BOOM!! BOO-yah!!!


p.s. I have gone back to the old post and posted an N/A notice. Thanks, everyone at AddtoAny for the great work, as well as the acknowledgment! 🙂

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 6.6

Super Mario Bros Facebook Picture Tagging Meme

According to Wikipedia, the most sold video game ever is Super Mario Bros, whether alone or in all its subsequent upgrades. Even if you have doubts in Wikipedia, the numbers are so staggeringly wide in gap that they can’t be wrong in terms of order. Regardless, this Facebook tagging picture meme is for those fans of Super Mario Bros. I didn’t label the characters because if you play the game, you have to know the characters, whether they are friend or foe, what special powers they possess and how you can nullify or put it to use to succeed in the game. If you generally know all that, labeling the names is just wasted space.

Here’s how to get this graphic for your Facebook fun:

  • Click on the picture below to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your Facebook profile.
  • Tag your friends!

Please click here for a complete list of over 100 Facebook picture tagging memes on this site with which you can use for fun with your friends.

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