Share a Love Song a Day for February Challenge

Got a social media account where you can share things with others? Like Facebook, Twitter, blog, YouTube, or some other? Here’s a challenge to try that will keep your spirits up for February, no matter your plight for love. Further, you can lift others’ spirits, too.

Each day in February, share a link to a love song that means a lot to you, for whatever reasons. Listing of reason/s is optional. But can you really think of 29?

I’m sure you can think of 29 love songs. But 29 that you really love? Whether happy, sad, romantic, tragic, or for any other reason/s. You don’t have to think of them all now, of course, but it’ll keep love on your mind throughout the entire month to think about all the songs you might want to share.

If you didn’t see this till later in February, either “make it up” with a few songs for a bunch of days till you catch up, or just do 29 days straight. Or do it for another month. Love is good any time of year, of course! 🙂

Then, challenge your friends/followers to do the same. You’re bound to discover some songs you’ll learn to love a lot because love moves us all. Genre of music is just a means of expressing it, and love can overcome that.

And see how their tastes for love songs differ from yours. Some interesting conversations are bound to result… maybe even with the one you love or desire! 😉

Certainly, having this list of favourite love songs identified in your life will be useful at some point in your life. “Advertising” it might just get the attention of that someone special, if you don’t have someone special in your life. Or it might further enlighten the one you love on some nice things about you.

Seriously. Do you think most couples can list the 29 love songs their partners would choose for a challenge like this? I’m not sure I’d say most couples can list even half the songs their partners would choose!

If for nothing else, you couples might want to try this challenge just for that reason. 🙂

But whatever reason/s you choose to do this, it’ll be good for you!

Here are links to my choices from last year when I conceived of this challenge. Some choices have changed, though, because people and tastes change, especially with discovery of new songs during the year in between. As a result, I’m doing it again, for that and all the other good reasons.

Won’t you join me? Leave a link in the comments if you care to share with me and other readers. Thanks!

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