Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Blowin’ in the Wind, in 3 Keys (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan

Blowin’ in the Wind is a Bob Dylan classic that is not only simple in its chording, but can also be played in 3 different keys without needing any difficult chords or capo. That means no bar chords, or even chords requiring 4 fingers! You can play and sing it in the keys of A, D or G, depending on where you vocal range lies.

Or you can do it in all three keys as I have arranged and shown in the video below! You play and sing each verse in a progressively higher key as the urgency grows in the lyrics. Notes are included in the printable guitar and ukulele tab PDFs below the video.

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Over 250 Cartoon Pictures for Facebook Profile Pics Campaign Against Child Abuse

Until December 6th, there is a global campaign on Facebook where people replace their profile pictures with their favourite cartoon character/s, then encourage their friends to do the same. Now this campaign I like! Too bad it’s way too short but it’s gone viral globally after just a day’s notice!

I’ve got over 250 cartoon pictures made for Facebook profile pics at the bottom, arranged in alphabetical order with names, which include some modern and some old cartoons.

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Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a nice little song from the musical The Sound of Music. Too bad it’s a little harder to play, especially on the ukulele compared to the guitar, with a bunch of jumbled fingered chords.

What I have done is found a couple of keys in which the chords needed would be relatively easy to play, rather than trying to find the key in which it was sung in the musical. There are a billion interpretations in all kinds of keys, anyway.

The other thing I have done is to just have a repeat of all the lyrics, as if you sung it twice, with a couple of bars of humming in between. In the original, the kids came in skipping the first two lines on the repeat. I didn’t like that so I threw it out. This wasn’t about duplicating the musical exactly. Who’s got a Julie Andrews to spare?

Finally, on the last line, second time around, instead of ending with “forever”, I ended with “forever more”. It seemed to me I once heard a version sung like that and liked it so I’ve kept it in my arrangement.

Of all the versions out there, I found this one in the video below to match well to the tabs I’ve created.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By match, I mean arrangement of verses, transitions, and so on, not key the piece is sung in necessarily. In my tabs, I have the notes written out so you can pic them to help you figure out what you need to be singing.

Edelweiss in D Guitar Tabs, Letter Sized PDF
Edelweiss in D Guitar Tabs, Tabloid Sized PDF

Edelweiss in G Guitar Tabs, Letter Sized PDF
Edelweiss in G Guitar Tabs, Tabloid Sized PDF

Edelweiss in D Ukulele Tabs, Letter Sized PDF
Edelweiss in D Ukulele Tabs, Tabloid Sized PDF

Edelweiss in G Ukulele Tabs, Letter Sized PDF
Edelweiss in G Ukulele Tabs, Tabloid Sized PDF

These tabs all fit on one page to avoid the inconvenience of page turns. However, the letter size tabs (8.5″ x 11″) may be too small for your eyes. If so, you can either enlarge to tabloid size (11″ x 17″) using an automatic enlarge feature on many photocopiers, or download the tabloid sized versions for printing. The tabloid size tabs can be inserted into a typical letter sized binder on the 11″ size, and folded almost in half to fit. You just open each tab to use it.

If the versions in the keys of D or G suit your voice range, you can pick one and put a capo to make it fit. The fact you have access to the song in two keys means you shouldn’t have to capo up any more than 5 frets to find a version that suits your range.

In the near future, I’m hoping to tab Do-Re-Mi, also from The Sound of Music and combine it to flow into this song. That’s because in Do-Re-Mi, it ends with telling the audience how you could use the notes out of order to sing any song. Edelweiss will be the example, and a good choice in being from the same musical.

In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy Edelweiss on its own. It’s a great little song, but especially for ukulele groups to learn and sing along!

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