Dear Mr Dylan

Dear Mr Dylan,

You are the greatest songwriter in the world. I love your songs like I love nobody else’s song… even when I can’t make out what you’re saying in them. That’s because I know when I Google them, I will be profounded by what you were trying to sing. However, while learning to play your songs, I discovered didn’t feel quite right, so I made a few changes and I’d like to share them with you.

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Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan! (and my Top 10 Dylan Songs)

Bob Dylan

Happy 70th Birthday, Bob Dylan!

Ah, you were so much older then, you’re younger than that now… and may you stay forever young no matter how much the times, they are a’changin’, you rolling stone you!

Man, can you believe the Bob is 70???

I sure can’t… mostly because my main association with him is through his music, and that’s mostly timeless, never aging, so the icon seems that way to me.

For Bob’s 70th, Rolling Stone magazine did a huge number of features this month on him:

Me, I did a meme tribute on Facebook to share one of my favourite Top 10 Bob Dylan songs each day leading to his birthday today. Here is my list, which was generally presented in no particular order except for the last two being my favourite two Dylan songs. It gets too hard to separate the order of the others for me.

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The Lucky Few: The Story of USS Kirk (complete film)

The Lucky Few is an hour long documentary about the story of the USS Kirk and its crew in their incredible mission to rescue Vietnamese refugees during Operation Frequent Wind in the final days of the Viet Nam War.

As the War was coming to an end on April 29th to 30th, 1975, Operation Frequent Wind airlifted about 7100 “at risk” Vietnamese (to death from the Communist Viet Cong) and American civilians out of Sai Gon, the capital of South Viet Nam. Some lifts were scheduled. Others were not. The relative American small warship USS Kirk, a destroyer escort, and its crew suddenly found themselves in the midst of a flock of unscheduled airlifts, to which it admirably accommodated even though it was neither meant nor ready to do any such thing.

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Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Blowin’ in the Wind, in 3 Keys (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan

Blowin’ in the Wind is a Bob Dylan classic that is not only simple in its chording, but can also be played in 3 different keys without needing any difficult chords or capo. That means no bar chords, or even chords requiring 4 fingers! You can play and sing it in the keys of A, D or G, depending on where you vocal range lies.

Or you can do it in all three keys as I have arranged and shown in the video below! You play and sing each verse in a progressively higher key as the urgency grows in the lyrics. Notes are included in the printable guitar and ukulele tab PDFs below the video.

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Video of Usain Bolt Running 19.19s World Record 200m at IAAF in Berlin

Also see Usain Bolt’s 100m world record shattering run in 9.58s.

BERLIN (Aug 20 2009) — It wasn’t what Usain Bolt was probably hoping to run, but it was pretty darn good!

Usain Bolt broke the 200m world record today at the IAAF World Championships by running a stunning 19.19s, breaking the old world record 0f 19.30s by 0.11s despite the 0.3 m/s headwind. It was the same margin he broke the 100m world record just days ago on Aug 16. However, it fell short of what he was maybe hoping for of sub-19 seconds. I say maybe because Usain has been quoted as saying his coach, Glenn Mills, believed he could run 9.58s for the 100m and sub-19 for the 200m. (Daily Mail UK)

“I’ve heard my coach (Glen Mills) talk of 9.58 seconds (in the 100m),” said Bolt. “He also said it could be possible for me to go under 19 seconds in the 200m.”

He ran that 9.58s with room to spare, again looking left to the clock before the finish line rather than pushing all the way through (video). What was there not to believe he could not do the sub-19?

If he had hoped, though, he’d be the only one disappointed with a prestigious sprint double world championship and two world record smashes to boot! But you know, that constant desire and fire to be better is what keeps these guys achieving!


Congrats, Usain! YOU DA MAN!!!

Now go celebrate and have some major fun for your 23rd birthday tomorrow on Aug 23!

Happy birthday, Usain!!!