Ode to Toy – My New Toy Focused Instagram

I have started a toy focused Instagram account called Ode to Toy.

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Invite to Try A Favourite Fictional Character Correlation Survey (8 quick questions)

I have a simple little 8 question survey I’d like you to fill out if you have a few minutes, regarding you and your a favourite fictional character. I’ll correlate the answers and report back in a few weeks.

Basically, I want to know your gender and age, the same for your character, which genre or type of franchise he/she/it is in, and if you perceive the character is good, evil, both or neither. It’s all explained in the survey below, or via this link if the embedded code below doesn’t appear right on whatever you are viewing this post.

Please do share this post with any others you think might want to do it to contribute to the outcome, and watch for an update on my site on Aug 10 or 11th. Thank you!

To What Music Should I Listen When I Fly?

I’ll be going on one of these vacations where there will be a lot of flying and I was wondering if people would recommend some music for all that flying time. I’m not looking for music I might like, or just to pass the time away. Flying is an incredible experience to me, no matter how many times I’ve flown now, and I want to keep enhancing the experience with some appropriate music.

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