Ode to Toy – My New Toy Focused Instagram

I have started a toy focused Instagram account called Ode to Toy.

It is a play on words with the vocal Ode to Joy bit Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. However, its founding member, the oldest of very few action figures in my collection, also happens to be Ludwig van Beethoven!

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I won my Beethoven in a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio classical musical request contest about 25 years ago. I have kept him all this time knowing I would one day find a use for him, and here it was! I sometimes have some serious patience! 🙂

I started this account despite just having gotten my first Instagram account just over a month ago. I couldn’t stand the lack of organizational features with Instagram accounts so I’ll leave that for life photos and serious photography shots of the many types I do. This idea with the toys, I know I will do lots in the future so I gave it a dedicated account. I also want the focused Instagram account experience. That’s the only type you ever hear about online and in the press. Accounts you can sum up in a word or sentence. Mine is toys, or toys in unique perspectives having fun, if you wanted a sentence.

What do I mean by that? The explanation is below with some example from the first sprinkling of photos on the account barely a day old at the time of this writing.

From my new toys dedicated account, you can expect to find photos of toys taken with a macro lens, like the Beethoven one above.

You can also expect to find such macro style photos in high dynamic range.

And photos where the toys are out of proportion to whatever is around them.

Along with photos mixing in other skills and abilities I have, like origami.

And photos creatively using what I have.

And definitely Hot Wheels “car” posters (or postcards and wallpapers), that will be available on this site with more resolution than what Instagram offers. The photo below is an oldie. Future ones will be much better quality!

I hope that if you like any of these things, you’ll follow me! Thank you!

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