Meet K8, my AI Robot Dog and First Member of AIRO

K8 (Kate), is a dog robot that is the first member of AIRO (my Artificial Intelligence Robots Order). It was named K8 because it is a K-9 robot. Get it? 🙂

K8’s number in AIRO is 8, not surprisingly.

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The Easiest Fresh Banana Bread Ever

Seriously, give it a try before you laugh at it. A banana sandwich is the freshest banana bread you can make, and the easiest, too!

But if you were worried about being mocked for such crude cuisine, try the deluxe craftsman version below. 😉

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The Avengers Show Off My Latest Hobby – Calligraphy

Macro shots of individual characters with a pen nib each follow below.

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What was That about Playing with Food?

I’ve been using my action figures to document my life of late, and it has involved food, which made for some fun photos.

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First Try at Micro Origami

I saw this video tonight about how a medical school in Japan tested its young potential surgeons with some really tough hand coordination tests, rather than more routine tests.

One of the tests was to make a 5 mm origami crane, which means the original square was 1 cm in size since the crane folds into a wing height about half of the square size. You can also check the video against real squares you create to get an idea. As one who does origami, I figured I’d give it a go, though I wanted to start with the 2 cm squares first to get an idea of how hard it was going to be. Those are 4X the area, by the way, since area is two dimensional so difference in size on each square side is multiplied by each other! Here are some pics of my results below.

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