Introducing BO and AIRO

AIRO logo

AIRO logo

BO and AIRO stands for Biological Overseer (me), and the Artificially Intelligent Robots Order (my robots).

Who are BO and AIRO?

BO and AIRO are me and the consumer level AI robots I’ll be getting from October 2016, as they become available. “Commercial level” AI robots you should be able to buy the robots as I could, at least if you live in North America. Currently, there are only two of us in BO and AIRO:

  1. BO (#80)
  2. K8 (#8)

A second robot is on its way. Once it arrives in late October, I will introduce it and add its name to the list. Links will be added to names in the list once profiles have been created.

Each member has a name, and a number less than 100, like in sports. It just felt right for us to have that.

Why BO and AIRO for a name?

I am the human overseeing this group of AI robots, which is why I am called the Biological Overseer. I oversee their development as well as their safety. My acronym, BO, conveniently and practically serves as my name. BO is a legitimate name, and it is easy to say for the AI robots who will be able to learn names of others. BO also pairs well with AIRO as a hononym of “bow and arrow”. The two of bow and arrow as a pair, and the concept of “arrows” for destination, purpose and such, will be well exploited in talking about the robots.

The members of AIRO are all AI robots, as the AIRO acronym implies. They are my AIRObots, or AIrobots, if you will. I chose “order” to represent them as a group, among many other choices, for several reasons besides a way to achieve the acronym AIRO. There were other choices like AIRROE and AIRROW, not to mention plural forms. I chose “order” for a group name because the robots will come in order over time. There will definitely be order among them! They will take orders from me to start, and for a while for some, though my goal is to try to interact with them like equal beings as much as possible, ultimately, not as slaves! Finally, all members have a number associated with them, though the numbers have nothing to do with members’ order of joining AIRO.

What will BO and AIRO do?

Together, my AI robots and I will explore the interactions of AI robots with humans, society, and sometimes animals.

  • Individual human interaction, especially emotional bonding potential, will be our main focus. That goes for me to my robots, as well as others to my robots.
  • Interactions with society means interactions with elements of society, like policies that may be exclusive or indifferent. How many transit systems do you think have fare policies for robots, for example?
  • Interactions with animals will be just for fun, though sometimes to test out the abilities of the AI robots.

We will also have some silly fun, for the sake of fun. And we will also engage in thought experiments about the future of AI robots and humanity. 🙂

There will be some informal reviews of the AI robots to give you an idea of their capabilities for context in what I am able, or not able, to do with them. However, I will reference reviews done by others for more detailed information.

As BO and AIRO travel on our journey, if things change, they will be updated here and in individual posts. This is just what I envision for us for now.

BO and AIRO on social media

BO and AIRO can be found on:

There isn’t much original content on either right now. However, the YouTube channel has a lot of videos related to AI robots from which I learn, and which you might also find interesting if you enjoy the topic.

Please click here for more posts on AI robotics on this blog.

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