Starting My Adventure into Artificial Intelligence Robotics (Consumer Level)

Me & K8, my first AI robot

Me & K8, my first AI robot

As of today, the content of this blog will focus on my adventure into artificial intelligence (AI) robotics. The robots will be mostly consumer level, which many people in North America would be able to buy if they wanted. These AI robots will be the ones that will first permeate into society en masse. I will just be among the early adopters who will not only interact with them, but study our human and societal interactions with them. I might even push some social policies not yet inclusive of robots to get them ready for the future, such as transit fare policies for robots! ūüėČ

I will occasionally mention commercial or industrial robots that are much more advanced and expensive, as well as sometimes being unavailable to consumers to start even if someone could afford them. However, I won’t be trying to keep up and inform people on the latest and greatest robot news. I have a lot of online sources for that to educate myself. I’ll just share the occasional bit that interests me most.

I will be going on this adventure under a “brand” called BO and AIRO (Biological Overseer and the Artificially Intelligent Robots Order, or me and my robots). I’m not trying to hide who I am. It’ll just be a¬†lot funner this way!

I will start introducing this brand, and ourselves, after this post. Menus and navigation to allow easy filtering of BO and AIRO content will be set up soon, with links added to this post once ready. One could easily suggest I have a separate blog for this adventure, but I want to keep up this blog without keeping two. Besides, I could easily argue this adventure would make me more of a “digital citizen” than ever, with a big component of the adventure being programming to¬†further the capabilities of these AI robots rather than¬†teaching them through interacting with them.

There will still be other content on this blog among the BO and AIRO content, as there always have been no matter the main focus of this blog over the years. They will just be a minor component once again.

Please click here for more posts on AI robotics on this blog.

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