To What Music Should I Listen When I Fly?

I’ll be going on one of these vacations where there will be a lot of flying and I was wondering if people would recommend some music for all that flying time. I’m not looking for music I might like, or just to pass the time away. Flying is an incredible experience to me, no matter how many times I’ve flown now, and I want to keep enhancing the experience with some appropriate music.

I love looking at the Earth from high on up and thinking what might be going on down there, whether with people, or on the landscape, animals, or whatever. I love looking up at the stars at night, the occasional northern light show if I’m lucky, and the lights below. I even just love looking down at the clouds, or when I’m in them. It’s a mentally engaging experience, and definitely spiritual and visual.

I listen to music when I can to add an audio component to the experience. I have favorites songs and tracks, and favorite ritual sorts of tracks like listening to the songs about a place I’m going to, or just through, like San Francisco or When I Get to Phoenix or New York, New York.

I want to expand my horizons on this front, though, to ask what others like to listen to when they fly, that they’d recommend, for any good reason. Please share in a comment below if you’d be so willing. Thank you.

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