Facebook Should Have UN-Likes in their Newsfeed

Leading up to the 2012 US election, lots of people Liked Mitt Romney or Barack Obama on Facebook. With Obama winning the election, though, a lot of people are quietly removing evidence they supported Mitt in shame by Un-Liking his Facebook page. What’s a lot? Try 847 per hour as of last Saturday (Mashable). See the current rate on DisappearingRomney.com.

I say “quietly” because it’s not like Facebook puts it through the Newsfeed, or on a Timeline, that you UN-Liked a page. It’s not a good example why Facebook should have UN-Likes in their newsfeed, but it’s certainly a curious one.

If your team lost the Super Bowl or World Series or some championship, would you unlike their page?

If your favourite actor or actress lost an Academy Award to someone else, would you unlike their page?

Do you actually UN-Like many pages on your Facebook profile, never mind so consciously going to remove support for Romney so soon after he lost?

So why would one do that if his/her presidential candidate lost would you UN-Like his page? Ashamed to admit they supported a loser or something? Or was that support just a little flaky, shall we say?

Whatever the reasons, the fact all these people are going to deliberately remove Mitt Romney from their Likes is a sign of their shame. To be fair though, at 12 million plus Likes, even losing 1,000 an hour would leave a long time before Mitt’s page is going to be barren. And you know a pretty solid core group is going to leave things, whether out of true support or, likely, not updating their Likes at all cause many never do. Liking is an act done once for many. However, that rate of Likes lost may increase in the short run as people gather wind of this story through CNN and many other outlets, and go update their Likes accordingly in removing Mitt’s page.

Still, I think Facebook should add an UN-Like notification in the Newsfeed to inform others when people do that, to inform their friends. People probably have good reason/s for doing so, whether shame, fraud, disappointment or whatever. A newsfeed alert for UN-Likes would be just as valuable for Likes.

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