On to Hoffmann Academy Free Piano Lessons

As of today, 3 weeks after taking up James Rhodes’ methods to learn JS Bach’s Prelude in C, BWV 846, I’ve generally gotten it down to play the notes all the way through without mistakes. I’ll need lots more practice to get some feelings, dynamics, and such into it to make it sound better, but I can do that 3 minutes at a time if I wanted to now, having memorized it and being able to play it well enough to have people think it’s beautiful. All credits to Bach, though, cause my playing ain’t doing the music any favours. That’s how good it is! So on with the show!

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One Line Art for Stitching Exercises, Tattoos, Cake Deco, Whatever

I recently received a few Kuratake brush pens and decided to try them out doing some line art. Instead of trying to replicate some that I don’t care for, or create some that I’m not good at right now, I compromised to turn some multi-stroke line art I saw into some one line art pieces. A few I just liked and replicated in my own freehand for my version.

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2017 Dodecalendar Printout Pattern

rhombic-dodecahedronA few nights ago, I made one of the more interesting calendars you’ll find for 2017. It was put on a 12 sided rhombic dodecahedron, and thus called a dodecalendar. The idea was not mine. I saw someone carve one out of wood. I don’t have a wood working shop, nor have the skills, to do the same thing. However, I had the skills to create the same design on paper, so I did, and I thought I’d share it with anyone interested or who might care to try themselves.

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